„Balkanski & Partners“ Legal Services Agency provides tax-law and other legal services to clients in different fields of business: real estates, tourist industry, energy, pharmacy, transport, building and construction, and also in other fields of the law.

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Tax & Social Security Law

The Partnership and its team have rich experience in the field of tax and social security, as well as in customs law, protecting the interests of their clients in case of appeals of unlawful acts and proceedings vs. the tax and the customs administration. They combine their tax-legal consultations with the provided services in the field of corporate law, by striving to provide complex servicing the business interests of their clients.

Tax-legal services:

  • Appealing of tax audit and other acts and actions of the revenue authorities in making tax inspections and audits in compliance with the provisions of the Taxation Proceedings Code, including administrative and judicial appeals and providing procedural representation before the corresponding Administrative Court and the Supreme Administrative Court of the Republic of Bulgaria;
  • Issuing tax-legal statements and analysis with view of anticipated in the future corporate changes or business deeds;
  • Assistance in the audit proceedings;
  • Tax planning (providing consultations in connection with the currently in force regulation proceedings of legal entities and natural persons, options of taxation and stipulated by the law legal consequences).

Substantive Law

„Balkanski & Partners“ Legal Services Agency provides a wide range of legal services in the field of substantive law (legal analysis, draft contracts, and consultations);

  • Resolutions in connection with property management;
  • Rental relations;
  • Feasibility study of the legal standing of real estates;
  • Legal, tax and accounting consultations in case of purchase or sale, respectively rental of property;
  • Detailed legal analysis and statements in terms of property title and related issues;
  • Consultation and control in the realization of building;
  • Consultations in connection with external funding;
  • Foreign investments of natural persons and legal entities;
  • Consultations in terms of taxes on real estates;
  • Representation in negotiations and at various stages of deeds with real estates;
  • Draft contracts (pre-sale contract and notary deeds, agency agreements and rental contracts, etc.)
  • Preparation of documents for notary deeds;
  • Feasibility study and confirmation of the circumstances, concerning the property and property rights.

Customs Law

  • Appealing enactments for enforced collection of accrued duties in compliance with the provisions of the Customs Act and the Taxation Proceedings Code, incl. Administrative and court appeals and performance of procedural representation before the corresponding Administrative Court and the Supreme Administrative Court of the Republic of Bulgaria;
  • Issuing statements in connection with the documentation of the import of goods on the territory of the country and export abroad and classification of the goods after the corresponding code of customs mode;
  • Assistance before the customs authorities in connection with incurred problems at declaration.

Administrative Law

The team of „Balkanski & Partners“ Legal Services Agency has extensive experience in the field of administrative law and administrative proceedings, including in negotiations and solving disputes with the administration;

  • It carries out communication and negotiations on behalf of the clients on the various cases;
  • Appealing of improper and unlawful administrative acts and actions vs. administrative authorities;
  • Procedural representation before judicial instance.

„Balkanski & Partners“ Legal Services Agency takes part in negotiations, provides assistance to its clients and represents them in deeds and relations before the financial authorities;

  • Consultations on banking, leasing, insurance, and other financial relations;
  • Assistance in negotiations and representations;
  • Funding of real estates and movables;
  • Issuing of documents;
  • Working out drafts of contracts;
  • Establishing mortgages and pledges.
  • Legal statements;
  • Procedural representation.

Labour Law

„Balkanski & Partners“ Legal Services Agency as part of the complex corporate service, provides labour-legal consultations, performs representation and provides assistance in the field of labour-legal cases and disputes;

  • Employment dossiers and completing;
  • Consultations;
  • Issuing draft contracts;
  • Legal statements on various labour cases;
  • Negotiations with the workers and employees and their representatives;
  • Labour-legal disputes and mediation in resolution of disputes.

Procedural representation

„Balkanski & Partners“ Legal Services Agency has rich experience and practical skills in the field of mediation in solving various disputes:

  • Commercial-legal disputes;
  • Disputes in regard to corporate relations;
  • Insolvency cases;
  • Tax-legal disputes;
  • Administrative disputes;
  • Labour-legal disputes;
  • Arbitration;
  • Executive proceedings.

Commercial Law


„Balkanski & Partners“ Legal Services Agency provides in the field of commercial law consultations, legal analysis, draft contracts, participation in negotiations, representation, including without being limited to:

  • Business operations;
  • Commercial transactions;
  • Incorporation of companies;
  • Procedural representation;
  • Amendments in the circumstances for filing in the Business Corporation Register;
  • Insolvency cases;
  • Relations between business partners;
  • Relations between partners and corporate management;
  • Consultation on the capital structure, shares/interests in the company, consortium, holding structures, etc.
  • Maintenance of corporate registers;
  • Procedural representation and mediation in protecting the legal interests of business partners and members of the management bodies;
  • Representation before the Agency of the Registrar – Business Corporation Register;
  • Conversion of companies (merging, fusion, partition, separation and changes in the legal status);
  • Winding up of companies.

Business Transactions

  • Legal analysis on various corporate issues;
  • Draft contracts and issuing of legal documents;
  • Participation in negotiations on commercial deals and business transactions;
  • Draft contracts and documents in connection with tax planning of the business.


Assistance in representation in legal proceedings before the Commission for Protection of the Competition

  • Unfair competition;
  • Concentration of companies;
  • Appealing of proceedings in compliance with the provisions of the Public Orders Act;
  • Disputes in connection with abuse with monopoly and dominating position of enterprises on the market;
  • Appealing on judicial order of administrative acts before the Commission for Protection of the Competition.

Intellectual property

  • Assistance in the registration of intellectual property;
  • Protecting intellectual property rights;
  • Representation for resolving disputes of copyrights and royalties in amicable way and on judicial order;
  • Draft contracts concerning intellectual property rights (license agreements, franchising, know-how, etc.)